TL;DR at bottom. I live in the U.K, and there’s this video game chain called CEX. It’s basically a second hand video game store, that sell retro and new games. I go there regularly. One day when I’m there, on the shelf I see a game that I’ve been wanting to buy for while, keep in mind the staff had just put it on the shelf and it was the only one they had in stock. I pick up the game and a 8-9 year old (EK) starts to get a little upset. EK - Hey! I saw that game first. I want it. Me - Sorry mate, but I got it first, and it’s too mature for you anyway. (The game was Persona 5) I proceed to pick a few more things up and go to the counter. I can hear the EK talking to his mum in the background. Oh boy, I thought- this is gonna be a bad day. As I finish paying for the game, EM walks up to me. EM - Excuse me but my son saw that game first, it’s his. Me - Sorry miss, with all due respect I got the game first, and it’s too mature for him. EM begins to get angry. EM - What has my little angel ever done to you to deserve this kind of shit thrown back at him.? The store clerk butts in. (SC) SC - Ma’am he got the game first. Please stop causing a fuss, you’re holding up the line. EM - No, I won’t stop. This fucker has taken my sons game and I am going to do something about it! EK - Mummy I want the game NOW! I saw it first and I- EM - It’s fine EK, mummy’s gonna get you the game. She proceeds to snatch the bag with all the things I’d purchased, and tries to run out the store. This quite obviously pissed me off. L Luckily, someone stopped EM before she left, and she didn’t like that. EM - GET THE FUCK OFF ME YOU CREEP. I catch up to EM and attempt to get my bag back. Nearby was a police officer. EM - POLICE! THIS MAN IS TRYING TO STEAL MY SONS GAMES! The officer comes to us and she tries to explain the whole thing. In her view. Then the SC butts in. SC- Sir this woman stole them off [NerdySloth_], the receipt in the bag has the mans name on. This only enraged EM even more. EM - NO! HE’S LYING! The officer clearly saw what was up and stopped the situation. He took EM and EK and I’m not sure what happened to them. I haven’t seen them since. Thank fuck. TL;DR - I go to buy a game, there’s only one in stock. A kid wants it, I go and buy it. The kid tells his mother, the mum tries to steal the game, she calls police over and gets arrested. Edit: I thought I made it clear but I didn’t. I got the game back.