Welcome to the June job board! This month, we have the extra special bonus of Reddit Global Meetup Day! Who can think of a better way to make local friends and new job connections than a scavenger hunt with really cool sponsored prizes? Be sure to check out the pinned post for more details! If you posted in previous months and didn't have any luck, feel free to post again here! Looking for work? Post your info! Give us some details, i.e. education, training, interests, part/full time, etc… Know that your place is hiring? Let us know! Please be as detailed as possible, but we understand if you need to take it to a DM to protect your identity for specific details. While I hope that this doesn’t have to be said, please, no MLM-style, WORK FROM HOME RATING ADS AND MAKE THOUSANDS!!!, or “Looking for models for my personal collection” type postings. Best of luck to everyone!