In 1997, a man was convicted for having sex with an underage boy. Two months before his sixteenth birthday, the boy in question had responded to an advert the man had placed in the personals. The boy was exactly 56 days too young. According to Norwegian law, sex is legal from the age of sixteen. As the film’s director, Jacobsen, comments:“The details of what hap- pened were probably nothing to be particularly proud of, but what amazes me is the way this case made so many people scream blue murder.” “Fremragende timer” tar utgangspunkt i en sedelighetssak fra 1997, hvor en mann i trettiårene ble dømt for å ha hatt sex med en gutt som var 15 år. Filmen går dermed rett inn i debatten rundt den seksuelle lavalderen. ”Precious Moments” is based on a 1997 trial, when a man in his thirties was convicted of having sex with a 15 year old boy. Regi/ manus: Lars Daniel Krutzkoff Jacobsen Produsent: Ivan Gasparini Co-regi/ co-produsent/ manus/ klipp: Jan Dalchow 16 minutter, 35mm, gwd production 2002 Olav (gutten): Tord Vandvik Haugen Per (mannen): Even Rasmussen Manus: Lars Daniel Krutzkoff Jacobsen og Jan Dalchow Klipp: Jan Dalchow Foto: Frank Alvegg Lyd: Alexander Bellizia, Universal Sound Musikk: Tom Erik Ingvaldsen