A huge thank you to @jake_the_stampede I'm super grateful for being able to produce club rash guards, it means a lot. I think it takes real trust to pick a company to manufacture your grappling gear. To trust with your money. You can get stuck with long waits, price changes in the middle of the order, designs come out the opposite of what the customer wanted. There are a million things a factory can mess up on. I choose to look to the extra services above and beyond the norm', what else can I give to my customer, in what way can I stand out from the crowd. And it's not just a fancy logo and a facebook advert. When you get designs as fantastic as this clubs design (for enquiries on getting one please contact Jake) you really want to show of the design and final product. Making video's really do add to the experience. Using a collection of apps, some free music, a little adobe magic and you have a video that show cases the the club design, gives you content for sharing amongst your own audience, getting noise for your club! Video's always get more traction than info graphics. If you want to make your own video and not sure where to start... get something like inshot this app will let you upload any video from your storage, trim the length/add text to the video including flexibility on location and duration of presence/you can add music through the app using your own or free music from youtube; just google free music from you tube and down load it to your phone. Oh, and this app is free.. and you don't have to use their company water mark. So thats it, no more excuses you can now start to make content for your own club, for your own brand for your own fight and sell more tickets. It's free, take advantage and use it to better your position. Shout out to @brazilianjiujitsubrighton @mmabrighton @elements_lewes Hove + Brighton To see more of my videos go to my instagram @grapplingscience fb/grapplingsciencemedia twitter @factoryfresh linkd @grapplingscience