Adtrack by Adnovation is the #1 tracking solution for affiliates, networks and media-buyers.

Everything you need to launch, manage and optimize your performance marketing campaigns in real-time with the fastest data processing.

Our platform is backed by AI-algorithms, enabling quality in all your deliveries.

Adnovation has carefully crafted the best features to make you grow:

• Manage all your performance marketing campaigns end-to-end • Connect to hundreds of networks with one single click • Leverage first-class fraud protection without the need of extra tools • Automatically test your campaigns & predict performance • Match the right media sources with our predictive engine • Ensure quality at a publisher and at a placement level • Receive actionable insights on optimization • Rely on a system with 99.999% system uptime

Repetitive tasks suck up your time. With intelligent automation and workflows, you get time to focus on the revenue and relationship building while staying in control of what's happening.



With over 50 years combined digital advertising experience, we’ve seen it all. We've worked with global brands. With agencies. With publishers. We've used every platform at some point and found them outdated, slow, and lacking the features needed to deliver real ROI. Worst of all they're expensive as well. We knew it could be better.

So, for the last two years we've been building something better. We perfected our approach using billions of real campaign transactions. We know how to figure out where campaigns perform best and why. We automated and simplified campaign management. We know this works and now we're flipping the industry business model. No more event pricing. Helping you increase your revenue increases ours, we only get paid when you do. We're in this together.