The other day, I opened up incognito on my iphone connected to LTE, searched for a company on google, clicked on the first link. I then go to my laptop connected to a wifi network, refresh my FB newsfeed and see an ad for that company on my newsfeed.

Just to be 100% sure, I did it again with another company, refresh newsfeed, and see an ad for that company almost immediately.

How is Facebook tracking me? My thought process goes like this:

- can't tracking by IP because the devices were on different networks

- can't be cookies (or super cookies) because different devices (also incognito)

- unlikely based on location because not precise enough with LTE

which leaves:

1) browser fingerprinting on my mobile phone linking me to an identity and that data is fed into Facebook in real-time?

2) My cellular provider is funneling data to Facebook?

Am I missing something?