Bit lost for words about this. I know there were billboards that went up and has been reported a little in the news. ([Financial Times]( and an [ of the Financial Times]( - I didn't know there was a TV advert to go along with it. If I find a link on Youtube, I'll add it later. **Things we now know about Saudi Arabia:** - Things are changing in Saudi Arabia, particularly the economy and "daily life" - Saudi women have been allowed to drive. - Cinemas are to open again later this year, after a 35 year ban. - The entertainment sector is bracing itself for a new era - one of concerts and cultural events - The kingdom is reducing it's reliance on oil, by investing in various green projects to achieve a 2030 goal. - The 2030 goal is for Saudi Arabia to become a hub for 3 continents. - Led by King and Crown Prince. - The goals are "action-oriented" and "within reach". - Key world partnerships are at the heart of this shift. - Longstanding relationship with the UK brings increased prosperity and security for both countries. ____ I really don't like it, and I'm concerned that state funded propaganda can be as brazen as this. (Seen on Sky 1, Thursday 8th March at around 7.14pm - During The Simpsons)