This video is part of entry for the SPACED challenge from Epicurrence & Dann Petty. After watching Dann's video, the first idea that popped into my head was to create my project in a way which did not focus too much on the "spacey" / "astronaut" / "moon base" approach, but rather do it in a way which was completely focused on the travel destinations offered by SPACED. SPACED is a commercial space travel company for normal people. It is not NASA or SpaceX. I also wanted to create an "ad spot" with an "Apple style" feeling to it and showcase how amazing it must be to actually be able to go to these places for a holiday. My plan was to try and find some really good quality stock footage and then manipulate it to give the impression that the holiday makers in the video were in fact on one of SPACED's exoplanet destinations. I managed to find some really amazing free footage from Pixabay as well as source all of the 3D space stuff, allowing me to add a nice polished finish to my project. Many thanks to Dann and Epicurrence for hosting this challenge! I had a lot of fun. View the full project here: Please like and share!